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Home Companion Care

Purple Companion Care is a family-owned and operated business. We enjoy the satisfaction of being able to serve our clients and their families in our community of Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. We even cover southwest Georgia. Such counties as Duval, Flager, Clay, Nassau Florida are just to name a few. 

Companion care is the most popular of our home care service options. There are valuable benefits of hiring Purple Companion Care Services to assist or be an “eye” for your loved ones.. First and foremost, your loved ones or our prospective and current clients are guaranteed to have a social life, which keeps their minds and emotions more actively engaged with others and the world around them.

Secondly, companion care easily branches into other aspects of care, including wellness checks and supervision, the ability to get out and about in the community, and to ensure your loved ones eat well and get enough stimulation – both physical and mental – in their daily lives.

Our Companion Care Plans


Option#1                             Purple Care Plan

Purple Companion Care plans are customized to each client’s needs. The first step is our free assessment, where we listen to your story, your goals, and the client’s interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences. 

We then pair caregivers with similar personality profiles and shared interests to facilitate a quicker and stronger bond. Understandably, it’s not always easy for seniors or your loved ones  to welcome strangers into their homes or their worlds regularly. However, our team of incredible caregivers quickly begins to feel like natural extensions of the friend and family network.

Purple Companion Care Services are multifaceted and flexible. Typically, clients and their companions:

  • Read

  • Play games, puzzles, or cards

  • Get out and about town to dine, attend local activities, go to the movies, etc.

  • Enjoy lunch or dinner together

  • Dance

  • Watch TV

  • Take walks 

  • Walk the dog

  • Go through photo albums and movies to reminisce


Caregivers can also provide transportation services so the client can attend doctor appointments, social clubs, social engagements, volunteer obligations, hair appointments, and medical/dental visits. 

Clients can request other services as part of a caregiver’s companion shifts, such as:

  • Light housekeeping

  • Linen and laundry support

  • Advice to bathe or keep up clients hygiene

  • Errand running and grocery shopping

  • Medication reminders

  • Post-op or post-hospital stay support


While our clients enjoy the one-on-one connection companion caregivers provide, families appreciate knowing their loved one is being seen, heard, and cared for regularly. In addition, they have instant awareness if there is a notable or “red flag” change in their loved one’s well-being, which means it can be attended to immediately.


Companion services can be scheduled twice per month, once a week, or on a more regular daily basis if the client wishes. Shifts are scheduled and billed at a four-hour minimum.

Purple Companion Care Services holds high standards for our exceptional team of trained and experienced caregiver companions. In addition to passing complete criminal background checks and having clean DMV records, all caregivers have access to unique education and training programs..

Continuing education and training never stop, so caregivers remain current with all senior care topics, including the latest findings around Alzheimer’s and dementia care.


Purple Companion Care FAQ


Q: How do we decide which companion services are best for our loved one?

The great news is that no decisions are set in stone. Companion services are flexible and can be adjusted from shift to shift, depending on the mood and interests of the client. After the home evaluation, our registered nurse will review the plan with respect to the client’s abilities and health requirements, ensuring the shifts support any dietary restrictions, physical limitations, and relevant medical recommendations.

Q: Can companion services also include support with meals and errand running?

Yes, our companions are used to wearing multiple hats. They’re happy to sit and play cards, share lunch, and get your loved one showered and dressed, and we can also add errand running, snack prep, or transportation services that expand your loved one’s horizons and social network.

Q: Can we increase or decrease shifts as needed?

You can always make changes to shifts as needed. The two requirements are that all shifts are billed at a four-hour minimum and that we receive at least 48-hours notice before canceling a shift without charge.

Q: How do we get started with a long-term care plan?

The first step is to schedule a free evaluation. You can schedule that with our Client Referral Agent Mr. Aaron Brown. You may directly to set up an assessment or to ask any questions you may have about our hourly or live-in companion services via email OR call (904) 437-4034 option#__ for Mr. Aaron Brown. 


Option #2                            Hourly Care Plan


The loved ones in your life deserve to retain their independence and sense of freedom regardless of their age, status, or health conditions. At Purple Companion Care, our passion is to assist them with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) without sacrificing their dignity or independence. 

Our caregivers offer the best of the best in hourly home care for our clients. By providing the perfect amount of care and attention, we are better able to serve you and your family.

Our entire staff is required to undergo continuing education opportunities and spend time developing their skill sets. Hourly caregivers have access to caregiver training programs and are required to hold the proper caregiving certifications.

Hourly care requires an intimate understanding of your loved one and the needs they have during their usual routine. This is why we conduct a complimentary home evaluation to determine the necessary components of a well-rounded care plan.

Care offers a comprehensive suite of services, including::


Hourly Elder Care FAQ

Q: Who creates the hourly care plan for my loved one?

A: Fully trained medical professionals will design and execute a clinical hourly care plan for your loved one at the time of evaluation. A registered nurse will construct the plan to meet the expectations of both your loved one and our staff to ensure the best possible quality of care.

Q: What kind of time frames does your hourly care offer?

A: Every senior is different, and every individual will require a different amount of home care, assistance, and medical supervision. Our hourly care program was built with flexibility in mind, serving your loved one for exactly the amount of time necessary.


Q: How do we get started with an hourly care plan?

The first step is to schedule a free evaluation. You can schedule that with our Client Referral Agent Mr. Aaron Brown. You may directly to set up an assessment or to ask any questions you may have about our hourly or live-in companion services via email OR call (904) 437-4034 option#__ for Mr. Aaron Brown. 


Option#3                                Overnight-Care

The nighttime stretch is often the most vulnerable window for clients and their families. Hiring a licensed home care agency for overnight care shifts gives loved ones invaluable peace of mind. You’ll know your loved one is safe, secure, and tended to – no matter what the nighttime hours hold for them.

Overnight care plans are essential for clients with mobility issues, medical conditions that affect balance, and those who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia-related memory decline. While those who live alone are often the first to request overnight care, it’s also true that spouses and primary family caregivers cannot remain “on guard” 24/7.

Overnight Care Plans & Options

Overnight care plans are personalized to each client. Their needs and goals are assessed during a free home assessment. Our case manager will ask lots of questions and is equally happy to answer any questions you have for us.

Together, we’ll create a customized overnight care plan tailored to the client’s rhythms and needs. Typically, overnight shifts provide any combination of the following:


Some clients are night owls. Companionship ensures they remain engaged and connected, preventing them from the agitation, anxiety, and fears nighttime loneliness can trigger. All of the companion services available during the day, such as reading, playing cards, and games, listening to music, or sharing snacks and meals are available overnight.

Comfort and Security

Nighttime fogginess and confusion can cause seniors to panic if they lose track of where they are or what time it is. Waking up from nightmares is also a trying experience. Having someone on-hand to provide comfort, reassurance, and calming TLC helps seniors settle safely to sleep again.

Hygiene and Incontinence Care

Bathing, showering, changing into PJs the client would be reminded by our specialist to provide their upkeep due to incontinence care before and during the night maybe needed. .

Overnight care for clients may also include:

  • Medication reminders

  • Light housekeeping

  • Laundry services and linen changes

  • Light Meal preparation

  • Evening walks or light exercise

  • Fall prevention


All of our overnight care services are offered by an exceptional team of caregivers.


Overnight Care FAQs

Q: What are signs a person may need overnight care?

We tell clients that if you’re worried about your loved one at night, trust your instincts. They probably need overnight care. More specific signs include when your love one:

  • Are being discharged from the hospital or acute care facility

  • Have been found lost or wandering the neighborhood at night

  • Need medication reminders

  • Experience a slip/fall accident at night

  • Require continual monitoring for an existing health condition

  • Have Alzheimer’s or dementia

  • Suffer from depression or anxiety

  • Express concern about being alone at night


Overnight care  is also essential when primary caregivers are fatigued and require respite care to recharge.

Q: Are schedules flexible?

Yes. Our schedules are always adaptable, scheduled as infrequently as once a week or as regularly as every night. Hours are also flexible, but we do bill in four-hour minimum shifts to support the consistency of our caregivers.


Q: Can we change services/shifts as needed?

Absolutely. Overnight care often branches into part-time for full-time day shifts as clients age. Similarly, can mix-and-match service options as the care plan requires.


Q: How do we get started with an overnight care plan?

The first step is to schedule a free evaluation.  

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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